Deseret Token

In 1848 before Utah was a state, and before the Federal Reserve started issuing Dollars (1913), the Utah territory minted their own currency, called Deseret Coin. We have minted a new cyrpto currency called Deseret Token after it's namesake. The Utah DAO is governed by the Deseret Token (DSRT). Stay tuned for an airdrop coming soon :-)

Deseret Note


The Utah DAO was established to educate, support, and grow the crypto community in Utah. Where it goes from here lies in its membership, what they propose, and how they vote.


We are looking for like-minded people who feel the call of freedom and want to participate in helping the local community. To become a member of the Utah DAO, please follow the steps below.

1. Install MetaMask

In order to interact with the DAO, and to cast votes you need to use a web3 wallet such as MetaMask. Click here to install MetaMask.

Install MetaMask

2. Buy MATIC

The Utah DAO was created on the Polygon platform. MATIC is the native currency for Polygon. You'll need MATIC in your MetaMask wallet to participate in the DAO. Ensure your MATIC is on the Polygon network, not Ethereum.


3. Join the discussion

The DAO convenes, proposes projects, and discusses governance rules in our slack channel. We also have a Discord server, but it's not as popular at the moment.

Please join and introduce yourself to the community.

Add Slack

Utah DAO Tech

The Utah DAO is run on the Aragon framework. Aragon is an open source infrastructure that provides tools that allow you to pool capital in the DAO vault, and govern in a transparent way. You can see the Utah DAO right now without being a member. The only difference is that you have no authority to vote etc. Click the button below to see the DAO in all it's glorified transparency.